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Tour operators have sprung up to meet the growing demand for excursions to the surrounding mountains, rivers, mangroves and islands.
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Ritthy Koh Kong Ecoadventure Tours is the longest-running operator in town, and certainly extremely busy. Ritthy is there virtually all day, every day, coordinating, booking, shepherding and advising the adventurous and the wayward on where to go and how to get there. He can organise tours to pretty much everywhere, and they tend to fall in the mid-price range. And notwithstanding how busy he, we found him to be extremely helpful when the need arose. You can also hire motor scooters here for $5 a day and dirt bikes for $25 a day. We’re told not to count on them being brilliantly maintained though.

Nick Berry at Jungle Cross has been knocking about Cambodia for donkey’s years, and knows all its rapidly disappearing back roads better than most. He lives to ride, and runs motorcycle, jeep and trekking tours into the kingdom’s interior and beyond. He is also open to to organising shorter trips, which you can discuss with him beforehand. His normal full day rate is a flat fee of $180, which includes bike and gear hire. This is divisible if you’re travelling as a group. He is a deep font of information and local insights, and rarely less than entertaining if you enjoy a chat. He operates out of the Safari World complex near the border with Thailand. If motorcycling isn’t your thing, he also runs jeep tours into the Cardamoms. That was suspended while we visited, but he should get it up and running again soon.

Thomas at Neptune Adventure is also a Koh Kong old hand, and his tours have a solid reputation for being the best in town. He is based out of the Neptune River Bungalows resort that he has built on the Tatai River. He offers tours that can combine jungle trekking, kayaking and swimming and more; if there is demand, he can be flexible. Contact him in advance to arrange tours, and he can arrange transfers from the Tatai Bridge.

Ritthy Koh Kong Ecoadventure Tours: Riverside (opposite the food stalls and children’s play area); T: (012) 707 719, (097) 555 2789;;
Jungle Cross: T: (016) 601 633;;
Neptune Adventure: Tatai River (near Tatai Bridge, 18km from Koh Kong); T: (088) 777 0576;;

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Nicky Sullivan is an Irish freelance writer (and aspiring photographer). She has lived in England, Ireland, France, Spain and India, but decided that her tribe and heart are in Cambodia, where she has lived since 2007 despite repeated attempts to leave. She dreams of being as tough as Dervla Murphy, but fears there may be a long way to go. She can’t stand whisky for starters. She was a researcher, writer and coordinator for The Angkor Guidebook: Your Essential Companion to the Temples, now one of the best-selling guidebooks to the temples.

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