Pura Linggayoni

Pura Linggayoni

A relatively new sacred site

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At Pura Linggayoni, a large penis-shaped rock pokes from behind a mass of temple umbrellas amid shrouds of yellow and white cloth.
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A coastal regeneration project began in Ujung in 2012 with the building of a stone break-wall. In December the following year, a project worker noticed a large phallic-shaped rock 10 metres out to sea. In Hindu philosophy, the phallic-shaped linga has the spiritual power to bring fertility and prosperity. After discussions with local authorities, the rock was brought to shore. The two-metre high linga now sits pride of place near the beach at Pantai Ujung.

There has been debate whether this rock is naturally occurring or is an ancient artefact. Regardless, the rock has been given important religious status. One local authority said the rock should not be viewed as pornography, but as a positive symbol. Local religious leaders believed the linga is a blessing, bringing the gift of prosperity to East Bali. There have been reports of visions around the rock, with sightings of beautiful women, three small children and a mother holding a small child. These incidents have strengthened the local belief that the stone is sacred.

The rock is now modestly covered in yellow and white cloth, sacred colours to the Hindu Balinese, and the small temple built around it makes it quite difficult to see. As the site has been consecrated as a temple, visitors are asked not to climb up high for a better view — you still can peek through the front gate. Pura Linggayoni is an interesting quick diversion when you visit Taman Sukasada, just across the road.

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