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Banjar hotsprings

From the turnoff, a 5km long road leads inland to the famous warm spring-fed swimming pools of Banjar where countless visitors, domestic and international, come to bathe and be energised by the water.

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Upon paying the entry fee (child/adult: 3,000/5,000 rupiah) you are greeted by the usual array of shops selling rubbish souvenirs. Once past these you enter the lush hotsprings complex which has three tiered swimming pools fed by hot spring water from the mouths of traditional Balinese mythical characters. One of the pools is fed by a water spout a few metres high and it's a great place to get a bruising massage. The bottom pool is an overflow from the top pool and the water is cooler by the time it reaches here.

The pools themselves look and smell dirty, but visitors are assured that the water is sourced directly from the spring and this gives a slight sulphuric odour which to some is unpleasant. This smell will stay in your clothes for a couple of washes, so wear clothing that you are happy to have smell for a little while (this isn't the spot to just jump in wearing Western-style swimmers).

To the far side of the complex is a large restaurant overlooking the pools, which is suitable for families, along with some grotty change rooms, lockers and toilets. Those not keen on eating at the restaurant inside the complex may want to pick up a nasi goreng packet wrapped in a banana leaf at one of the souvenir stalls for 5,000 rupiah — they are very tasty and prove that the souvenir stalls do have a useful purpose!

How to get there
Getting here by public transport requires a bemo travelling along the main Singaraja-Gilimanuk road and then an ojek from the turnoff to the hotsprings. From Lovina, the cost is 15,000 rupiah for the bemo and 5,000 rupiah for the ojek. An ojek directly to or from Lovina costs 30,000 rupiah and a return journey 40,000 rupiah.

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Last updated on 12th April, 2011.

Banjar hotsprings
11km west of Lovina

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