Things to do around Medewi

Things to do around Medewi

Surf, massage, temples and trees

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Medewi is known on the international surf circuit for its word-class long left point break, but not only are there other waves to surf here, there is enough to entice even if you are not a surfing legend or have no intention of shooting the curls.

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Medewi’s main attraction. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Medewi’s main attraction. Photo: Sally Arnold

The slow consistent wave is not too challenging and makes it perfect surfing of all standards. The problem with “the perfect wave”, however is that many are keen for a surf, and it can get very crowded with reports of up to 100 surfers a day, which with everyone vying for a go and beginners who don’t know the rules can lead to aggression in the surf. Approximately 400 metres south at Pulukan the beach turns from rock to sand at the river mouth where there are some powerful hollow rights, more suitable for surfers who know what they are doing—watch for rips here. Further north, Yeh Sumbul has several right and left hander beach breaks that are generally much less crowded. Medewi is best surfed early in the day to avoid onshore winds.

The Medewi Boardriders Club are a bunch of local surfers that hold weekly beach clean-ups and teach local kids how to surf. There is some talk that the local surfers “hassle” you a bit to buy a T-Shirt for 200,000 rupiah to support the club, and while we don’t endorse mafia-like behaviour (if it is indeed true), chipping in a few rupiah to contribute to the local community can’t be a ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 1,100 words.)

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