Tamblingan Nature Recreation Park

Tamblingan Nature Recreation Park

Tranquil forest trekking

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The twin lakes of Danau Tamblingan and Danau Buyan along with their more famous sibling, Danau Bratan, sit within the caldera of the extinct Bedugul volcano. Danau Tamblingan, the smaller of the three, offers some terrific trekking, canoeing and camping possibilities. Danau Tamblingan is considered to have spiritual significance and healing abilities in local mythology and the area is home to several temples. The origin of the name derives from tamba meaning medicine, and elingang, spiritual.

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Feeling active? Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Feeling active? Photo: Sally Arnold

The official entry fee is 100,000 rupiah per person, however the local guide association believe that is too much, as when the fee increased from 15,000 rupiah it had a detrimental effect on the local guiding business. At the entry booth they told us they disregard the official fees and set their own at a more reasonable 25,000 rupiah. Visitors are issued a receipt, and every fourth person gets the offical 100,000 rupiah ticket (so we’re told). They mentioned that the Danau Buyan entry gate charges the official 100,000 rupiah fee. Outside the entry post a pile of walking sticks are available for trekkers to borrow.

Pura Gubug dominates the shoreline of Danau Tamblingan. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Pura Gubug dominates the shoreline of Danau Tamblingan. Photo: Sally Arnold

From the entry booth it’s a 600-metre walk along a flat road to the lake, where Pura Gubug, with its three meru (pagodas) dominates the shoreline. Traditional dugout canoes line up waiting for local fishermen, or the rare tourist to be ferried across the lake. The forest around the lake is lush, and the blanketing fog can create a wonderful moody atmosphere — ideal for photographers. This area is infrequently visited by tourists, so it’s quite possible you’ll not encounter anotheri. Danau Tamblingan is popular for birdwatching too. While trekking, take a moment to stop and listen for the birdsong in the forest.

A world away from the busy south. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
A world away from the busy south. Photo: Sally Arnold

For those into numbers, the lake is about five kilometres in circumference (depending on water levels), and reaches 1.8 kilometres in length and 900 metres across at its widest points. Danau Tamblingan’s depth is measured at 90 metres, the deepest in Bali. The area sits at 1,200 metres above sea level. The nature reserve, known locally as Cagar Alam Batukahu, covers 1,763 hectares -- so there’s quite a bit ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 600 words.)

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