Photo: Waterfall and offering.

Golden Valley Waterfall

While the sign from the car park says 900 metres, but felt a touch longer.

Photo of Golden Valley Waterfall

Most of it is easy enough, but the last part which slogs it up to the cafe and waterfall is a bit more difficult, especially when it's wet. The cafe is a simple warung overlooking the waterfall.

Fare is simple, but the dessert of lak lak, coconut cakes with palm sugar syrup and freshly grated coconut, are noteworthy. They also make a point of explaining that their kopi luwak is collected from wild civet droppings, which is reassuring considering in some cases civets can be held captive in terrible conditions to get the fancy beans.

The waterfall is smaller than Tanah Barak, but it is a lovely and relaxing setting and is worth the effort to reach.

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Last updated on 28th February, 2013.

Golden Valley Waterfall
Trail head is 2km north of Munduk

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