Photo: Waterfall and offering.

Melanting Waterfall

To reach here, turn left when you reach the ticket office for Tanah Barak and continue on, taking a second left when you reach Rizka & Indra Coffee Corner and continue downhill, first down the trail then down the very steep stairs.

Photo of Melanting Waterfall

Before you reach the base you'll get to see down into the spectacular pit of Melanting Waterfall. At the height of the wet season this is a very spectacular, extremely powerful waterfall and it is worth continuing all the way to the base to see it close up.

While there is a trail that continues from here to Munduk village near Taman Ayu Hostel, the trail is in very poor condition and you are better off to retrace your steps back up the way you came.

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Last updated on 28th February, 2013.

Melanting Waterfall
2km north of Munduk then 45 minutes down the trail

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