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Meet Nusa Ceningan

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If you’ve spent any downtime in the part of south Bali where you’re kind of looking east (that’s be Sanur, Nusa Dua, Serangan or Candi Dasa for starters) you’ve probably had some helpful local or tourist point out that the two islands you see offshore are Nusa Lembongan (the little one) and Nusa Penida (the big one). Few, well, in the almost five years we’ve had here, in fact not a living soul, has mentioned Nusa Ceningan. The main reason would be because unless you know exactly what you are looking for, you can’t see it — because it’s but a sliver of terra firma between the two islands.

Not too shabby a view.

Not too shabby a view.

Ceningan is little known in part because there are so few places to stay — surfers in the know know it because of the “Secrets” break — but there are a few great places to stay which would appeal to those looking for a low-key alternative to Nusa Lembongan — you know the crowd who fled Bali a decade ago and are now finding the development on Lembongan hard to swallow (we sympathise).

Busy day on Secret's break ;-)

Busy day on Secret’s break.

Surfers aside, there is one “feature” that attracts a steady stream from Nusa Lembongan — and that is the cliff diving. Basically think of anything that wouldn’t be allowed in your home country involving alcohol, cliffs and deep waters and you’ve got the gist.

That poster is not an exaggeration.

That poster is not an exaggeration.

And then:

Don't think that sign would past muster elsewhere.

Don’t think that sign would past muster elsewhere.

Remember to make your offerings before you leap…

Offer & leap.

Offer and leap.

We’re sure giant killer octopuses can be added for a surcharge.

Jump from the flags, but watch out for monsters.

Jump from the flags, but watch out for monsters.

Recount all surfing and jumping tales here.

Put your feet up - you've earned it.

Put your feet up — you’ve earned it.

Interested? You can read more about Nusa Ceningan here including our take on two great places to stay — just don’t forget to send up pics of you doing what we were not brave enough to do!

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