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Pura Pulaki, Pura Pabean and Pura Melanting

Heading east along the main road out of Pemuteran is the first of the three temples, Pura Pulaki.

Photo of Pura Pulaki, Pura Pabean and Pura Melanting

Pura Pulaki is a particularly important temple in the Balinese belief system and you will see Balinese people from around the island praying here throughout the day. Additionally, almost every vehicle passing the temple will toot their horn in acknowledgment.

Three different groups of macaque monkeys reside in and around the temple and it's important to ensure all shiny objects are removed from your person. There are so many monkeys in Pura Pulaki that it is said they are temple guardians who escorted the founder of the temple in the 1600s from Java. The temple itself is not visually appealing and should have you finished in about 10 minutes. Entry is by donation and a sarong and sash are required. 5,000 rupiah per person is sufficient.

About 200 metres east of Pura Pulaki is Pura Pabean which overlooks the picturesque coast towards Pemuteran and is worth climbing the few steps to the entrance of the temple for the view alone. Again, the monkeys here are likely to nick anything not securely attached to you, so be warned: best to leave your sunglasses and drink bottles behind. A sarong and sash is required and entry is by small donation.

Another 300 metres east of Pura Pabean past the large number of warungs is a sign pointing to a road on the right towards Pura Melanting. This temple is the best out of the three for tourists because of the beautifully presented inner compound of the main temple. The inner compound houses a small but serene pond and stunning meru painted in a rainbow of colours and decorated with countless yellow and white ceremonial umbrellas. Entry to the temple is by donation and a sarong and sash must be worn. A guide will escort you into the inner compound and a donation for the hire of sarong and sash of 10,000 rupiah is sufficient.

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Last updated on 8th June, 2011.

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