Photo: Sanur beach scenes.

Jukung cruise

Primarily used for fishing, the traditional jukungs use a lanteen sail (a triangle-shaped sail), though today most also have a small engine to keep them going through the doldrums.

Photo of Jukung cruise

In Sanur, while some are still used for fishing, many are now used for pleasure sailing and can be hired for an hour of sailing up and down the beach during high tide. It might sound a bit twee, but it is actually a really pleasant way to lose an hour or so. The boats can comfortably seat two or three adults (plus the boatman) and can be hired mainly towards the northern end of Sanur beach. Prices are variable and you will need to bargain to get a reasonable price (say around 200,000 rupiah, for the boat, for an hour).


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Last updated on 22nd April, 2011.

Jukung cruise
Along Sanur Beach

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