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Tirta Empul

Upon entering the complex, you'll notice two crystal clear bathing pools which are used by local people for healing.

Photo of Tirta Empul

Each of the spouts that fill the two pools must be prayed at and bathed under in order from left to right, with the exception of a couple of special spouts used for the washing of corpses and other purposes.

It is possible to enter the bathing area and splash the water on yourself even if you aren't there to pray, but unless being guided through the official bathing process, it is probably best not to go in for a swim.

Behind the bathing pools is a temple with a large array of intricately carved and painted temple pavilions and other objects. In here you will often see Balinese people praying and a priest will direct the order of prayer with chanting and the ringing of a bell.

Tirta Empul is a pleasant place to come and look at, but most will breeze through in a matter of 15 minutes. For those wanting to bathe here, it is recommended that you hire a guide before arriving to assist you with the process.

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Last updated on 27th June, 2011.

Tirta Empul
Jalan Tirta, Tampaksiring

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