Photo: Blue and green in Ubud.

Sangeh Monkey Forest

Quite an impressive scene if you can manage to do it without a guide or tour group around, you're surrounded by thirty metre tall trees that block out the sun leaving the forest floor in an eerie darkness.

Photo of Sangeh Monkey Forest

Looking upwards, the trees form a breathtaking avenue towards the first of several temples housed within the forest. Beyond this first temple, the walk proceeds along a path to several others and past countless monkeys who may or may not be happy to see you.

Some visitors may want to arm themselves — some may want to flee. Whatever the case, try not to make eye contact, don't make any sudden moves and don't carry food unless you want attention.

A peaceful excursion if you can time your visit between the tour buses. Sangeh isn't on a main transport route, so access by public transport is difficult, but possible for those that are determined from Ubud or Tabanan.

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Sangeh Monkey Forest
Jalan Brahmana, Sangeh

Location map for Sangeh Monkey Forest

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