Pantai Tiga Warna

Pantai Tiga Warna

Isolated and beatuiful

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Set almost due south of Baranusa, on the south coast of Pantar, Pantai Tiga Warna (Three-Colour Beach) is a very pretty, south-facing beach that makes for a lazy afternoon excursion from Baranusa.

Travelfish says:

About an hour from town by ojek, the beach is roughly broken into three sections, reddish-brown sand to the east (with milky water offshore) then black at the centre and off-white to the west. The west also becomes more and more mangrove-y backing onto forest, before finishing up hustled against a large bluff.

What an outlook! : Stuart McDonald.
What an outlook! Photo: Stuart McDonald

We tried to make our way up on to the bluff for a photo but couldn’t find an easy trail to follow. There is another long beach running to the north of the bluff, so those with more time would probably see a good pay-off with a bit of exploration.

The setting is lovely. Sirung rises as a backdrop to the east and an offshore reef forms a lagoon popular with fishermen at low tide and it looked like a decent wave at high tide (you will need to bring your own board!).

By the lagoon. : Stuart McDonald.
By the lagoon. Photo: Stuart McDonald

A small village lies back off the beach, but there is no real development on the beach itself, save a set of steps and a few fishing boats pulled up on the beach. Bring your own snacks and water if you plan on hanging out here for a while. Come early in the morning or late in the afternoon to enjoy the best light.

If you’re looking for more mainland beaches to explore, the west coast of Pantar, looking towards Pulau Kangge, looked very promising on Google Earth, but we didn’t get there. Ask in Baranusa for more information.

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