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Kawah Seleri

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The setting here is beautiful with the lake at the bottom of a large vegetable garden-lined valley and it makes a great location for eerie photos.

Photo of Kawah Seleri

This particular mud pit has a tragic history of eruptions with one particular event in 1944 responsible for more than 100 deaths – most died from being struck by large hot rocks and masses of boiling mud even though the victims were up to a kilometre away from the lake. A small-scale eruption occurred in 2009 with mud being ejected to a distance of 140 metres, but there were no reported causalities.

To get here, use your own vehicle (or walk if you are eager to walk long distances) and travel 2.2 kilometres west from the main Dieng intersection, where you will reach a fork in the road. Take the right fork and continue for another 1.5 kilometres until you reach the turnoff to Kawah Sileri, which is well signposted. The entrance to Kawah Sileri is a further 550 metres along this road.

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