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Tanjung Gelam

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Located five kilometres to the west of the main town of Karimunjawa is the fantastic beach of Tanjung Gelam, a stunning little white sand number with turquoise water so bright it makes your eyes hurt.

Photo of Tanjung Gelam

When you think of a tropical paradise, this is likely what you think of: white sand beach, with turquoise water lapping at its shores and a bunch of coconut palms fringing the shore (maybe not the goats that call this place home, but they add their own bucolic charm).

A series of warungs open when there are enough people coming for a dip in the water. In the low season, there may well be no one there to serve you and bringing your own snorkelling gear is essential if you want to paddle out to observe the myriad fish varieties. This is a must see destination.

Using your own motorbike, follow the main road for five kilometres until you reach a sign on the left pointing to Tanjung Gelam. Follow this paved road for a few hundred metres until it reaches a clearing where the views are astounding. This is not Tanjung Gelam. Head up the hill on the bike through the forest along the dirt track until you reach the parking area. You have arrived.

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Tanjung Gelam

5km west of Karimunjawa

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