Mangrove Trekking

Mangrove Trekking

Overpriced but important to visit

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Surrounding the islands of Kurimunjawa where there’s not white sandy beaches, there’s mangrove forests which is excellent, as these ecosystems are important to the health of our planet.

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Enjoy the views. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Enjoy the views. Photo: Sally Arnold

The more foreign tourists who are seen to visit mangrove forests, the more the Indonesian government (and locals) are able to see their value and perhaps we can at least slow their destruction. So we say, suck up the cost, think of it as a donation to the world’s environmental future, go and enjoy! However make sure you are issued a printed ticket for your visit and don’t accept a discounted price (and no ticket issued), as these huge price differences are very tempting for corruption.

The trekking area is about 12 kilometres north from the town, so you’ll need to arrange some sort of transport (only ride a bicycle if you’re very fit—it’s hilly!) and the entrance is easily spotted with a large gateway and signage. Wear long clothing, smother yourself in mosquito repellent, and bring drinking water.

Well worth a wander. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Well worth a wander. Photo: Sally Arnold

The wooden boardwalk is mostly in good condition although a few broken boards are towards the end of the track, it forms a loop walk about one-and-a-half kilometres in length, broken up with shelters to sit and spot wildlife from and at the sea’s edge, a triple-storey viewing tower which has a spectacular panoramic vista over the whole area. Signage is badly damaged and illegible on all but a couple of signs, which is unfortunate as the information tells of the plants and wildlife you are likely to spot. A small amount of plastic rubbish was washed up amongst the mangroves, but a lot less than we were expecting, however this may be ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 300 words.)

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