Karimunjawa’s Viewpoints

Karimunjawa’s Viewpoints

Cheesy selfie opportunities

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Who doesn’t love a lookout, especially one that offers views over a dazzling necklace of tiny jewelled reef-fringed islands?

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Blame Instagram. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Blame Instagram. Photo: Sally Arnold

Bukit Joko Tuo is the closest to town with the entrance in the northern centre of the village near Pasa Kariminjawa, the local market. From here a dirt road climbs steeply uphill for about 400 metres, accessible by car or motorbike, but just as easily walked. The point is about 50 metres above sea level directly overlooking the town and the port. Selfie props here include a giant nest, framed by a love heart, a pirate ship made from twigs perched high in a tree, and a precarious platform jutting out over the cliff below (hati-hati!). There’s also a small whale skeleton and oddly a string of giant rosary beads. Strike a pose and enjoy the view.

The entrance to Bukit Love is about one-and-a-half kilometres northwest of town, 400 metres further north from Mangrove Inn. Drive or walk up the 300 metre road where a souvenir shop will issue your ticket, valid for a 10,000 rupiah discount on items from the shop and for multiple days entry if you wish to visit for sunset or another time.

Bukit Love (of course). Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Bukit Love (of course). Photo: Sally Arnold

Perhaps as this has been opened longer, it’s the more popular of the two viewpoints, and at 60 metres above sea level it’s marginally higher. We love the giant woven cocoon-type nest, that two or three people can comfortably climb up into for views out the heart-shaped porthole, but the two most photographed props for selfie snappers are the large pop art style L-O-V-E letters that give the hill its name and a Finstone-esque sculpture spelling out KA-RI-MUN-JAWA, perfect for the “wish you were here” ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 300 words.)

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