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Semarang port

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The port is of passing interest to all except ship buffs who will delight at the array of old school boats and ships from around the archipelago.

Photo of Semarang port

Also at the port you'll occasionally see ships from the Indonesian and other foreign navies which provide a stunning contrast to the run down perahus in the neighbouring docks.

But if you do come here, you absolutely should retain the services of an ojek for a number of reasons. Firstly, the road to the port often floods and an ojek will endeavour to navigate the backstreets to minimise time in the water. Secondly, the port is spread of a large area and some of the best ships are not located in the central area of the port where passenger services depart from.

In this case, an ojek can swing you through these less popular areas so you can get a better view of the old vessels.

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Semarang port

Jalan Coaster, Semarang

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