Photo: Street scenes.


It is one of those places that can look deceptively mundane at first glance, but it quickly reveals itself as a little slice of bustling Semarang intent of making a statement – it's in fact one of the city's highlights especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights when the Semawis night market fires up.

Photo of Chinatown

Reminiscent of Melaka's Jonker Walk, Gang Warung, the main street of Chinatown has since 2005 transformed itself into a centre for food, socialisation and cracking iced tea. Most of the food here is different to what you'll find elsewhere and a number of stalls sell mouthwatering dishes with pork in them – a rarity anywhere in Java.

The street buzzes throughout the evening and it makes for a good night out. Outside of the nights of the market, Chinatown is a little empty, but it's still an interesting place to poke around.

The many laneways and old buildings will keep all but the most culturally deprived interested for at least an hour or two.

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Last updated on 22nd August, 2012.

Gang Warung, Semarang

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