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Monumen Kapal Selam

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The boat was acquired by the Indonesian Navy in 1962 and saw active service up until the time it was decommissioned in 1990, at which time work began on turning it into a tourist attraction.

Photo of Monumen Kapal Selam

This work finally came to fruition in 1998 when it was opened to the public.

Visitors are allowed to enter the submarine and walk right through the length of it, and it's interesting to see the various dials still written in Russian as well as how cramped the living conditions must have been onboard.

Naval buffs will enjoy this attraction immensely whereas ordinary folk will likely only have a passing interest. But given its proximity to the centre of town and the cheap entrance fee, it's worth popping your head in and spending 15 minutes walking through the boat.

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Monumen Kapal Selam

Jalan Pemuda 39

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