Photo: Hansel & Gretel.

Finance Ministry

A couple of bright white colonial buildings sit at the eastern end of the field called Lapangan Banteng about a kilometre east of Gereja Katedral and Masjid Istiqlal.

Photo of Finance Ministry

These buildings today house the Finance Ministry but were originally commissioned by the Governor-General in 1809 for purposes of the state and have been used for a variety of things over the centuries. While charming, these buildings cannot be entered by the general public and disappointingly you can't even get close to inspect the architecture and grab a good photo.

You might be told to visit this place by your guesthouse, but we advise not to bother as there is little for the average tourist here.

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Last updated on 17th October, 2012.

Finance Ministry
Jalan Lapangan Banteng Timur, Jakarta

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