Photo: Plantations outside Bandung.

Situ Patengan

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The lake itself is nothing to write home about, but it's fun to head out on a perahu to the other side of the lake and the local attraction Batu Cinta (Love Rock).

Photo of Situ Patengan

While the rock itself is quite boring, it provides a break from the hard wooden seats of the perahu.

Perahus can be chartered for 300,000 rupiah or a seat can be purchased for 19,000 rupiah as long as there are enough people to fill the boat.

The best part of heading to Situ Patengan is scenery of the nearby tea plantations which afford brilliant photo opportunities. It's also possible to hike into the tea plantations on your own without the need for a guide.

How to get there
Situ Patengan can be reached by angkot from either Ciwidey (7,500 rupiah) or the entrance to Kawah Putih (4,500 rupiah). Other attractions along this road worth a casual glance if you have time are the hot springs of Rancawalini (12,000 rupiah) and Cimanggu (12,000 rupiah).

These springs are more like swimming pools you'll see in the west, but are simply filled with warm water (and loads of picnicking locals).

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Situ Patengan

50km southwest of Bandung, 5km from Kawah Putih

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