Photo: Bogor's famous gardens.

Gong Pancasan

You can see the production process in a small, dark hut out the back of a shop a short ride or walk from central Bogor.

Photo of Gong Pancasan

Men fire bronze in a primitive fireplace and hammer it into shape with large heavy mallets. They've been doing it the same way here for centuries, although these days the men working in the factory benefit greatly from occasional donations from tourists – 5,000 rupiah is a fair amount. Most people will only spend about 10 minutes here observing the process before returning to the centre of town.

To get to the factory, head up the hill from the main entrance of the botanical gardens to the Bogor Trade Centre and then head down the hill past the centre itself. Keep walking until you reach an intersection with a massive banyan tree and turn right. Walk for another 500 metres across two rivers and Gong Pancasan is on your right.

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Last updated on 3rd October, 2012.

Gong Pancasan
Jalan Pancasan No.17, Bogor

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