Surfing Cimaja

Surfing Cimaja

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The prime reason foreign tourists venture to Cimaja is to catch a few of the wold class waves which stretch along this strip of coast in the south of Java.

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The waves were not too busy when we passed through. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
The waves were not too busy when we passed through. Photo: Sally Arnold

The best season is April to November when it’s mostly dry and the southeast trade winds are blowing. Off season the waves will be smaller, but still pretty consistent with the advantage of fewer crowds. Watch out for rocks as the beach itself is rocky with no sand and after the rain it can be a bit polluted. Watch the tides and ask the locals for the best times.

Around the next bay from Cimaja, Indicators Point is a right handed reef break suitable for experienced surfers only, with fast and powerful waves. If it’s big at Cimaja, it will be bigger here. Watch for sharks although they’re pretty well fed.

Come for the waves—not the sand. There isn’t any. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Come for the waves—not the sand. There isn’t any. Photo: Sally Arnold

Heading west, Sunset Beach locally known as Karang Hawu has both left and rights with a sandy bottom and is a bit more friendly. You could also try the wave at Karang Haji near the Ocean Queen Resort further west, a good spot for beginners. The bay is sheltered and the waves don’t often barrel, but still a fun spot to surf with friendly locals—and best of all it is sandy!

Alternatively, to the east of Cimaja, just before Pelebuhan Ratu, the small point break Karang Sari has fast left and rights.

Not all the beaches are rocky! Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Not all the beaches are rocky! Photo: Sally Arnold

More adventurous surfers have apparently found other fantastic waves nearby, but they are a closely guarded secret—ask around. Most of the accommodation around Cimaja offers surf guides and board hire. Local international champion surfer, Dede Suryana runs a branch of Quicksilver surf shops in case you’ve forgotten your boardies or sunscreen, located just to the east of Cimaja. He also offers lessons, board hire and ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 300 words.)

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