Kampung Naga

Kampung Naga

Stunning views and traditional culture

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Scenic Kampung Naga is one of West Java’s few remaining traditional indigenous Sundanese villages, breathtaking in every sense of the word.

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So green! Photo by: Sally Arnold.
So green! Photo: Sally Arnold

As you descend, the broadening view reveals a mosaic of dense jungle, patchwork fields and thatched-roof houses. Add a touch of smoke to the mix and the glow of the afternoon sunlight and one can safely say that you will gasp at this magnificent sight, truly an Indonesian Shangri-La.

In the midst of rapid globalisation in the surrounding towns and cities, the villagers of Kampung Naga still adhere to “adat”, the traditional practises and many of the old animist ways of their ancestors, once observed all over Java. Today the villagers also embrace Islam, but with a healthy dose of ancestor worship to a create a unique culture. Adat also dictates the layout of the village and the materials used in the buildings.

Village scenes. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
Village scenes. Photo: Sally Arnold

Interestingly, the village isn’t connected to the electricity grid, meaning gas lamps adorn houses and car batteries power ancient radios and black and white televisions. This picturesque, authentic “living museum” is somewhat of an anomaly—more akin to the villages you encounter in the remote outer islands of Indonesia than in densely populate modern Java.

Guides in the parking area offer to take visitors through the village for about 50,000 rupiah. If choosing not to hire a guide, it’s polite to leave a donation in the village donation box down by the mosque. Although a periodic stream of curious visitors pass by, this is not a “tourist village” so please be respectful when visiting.

No smartphone charging here. Photo by: Sally Arnold.
No smartphone charging here. Photo: Sally Arnold

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Sally spent twelve years leading tourists around Indonesia and Malaysia where she collected a lot of stuff. She once carried a 40kg rug overland across Java. Her house has been described as a cross between a museum and a library. Fuelled by coffee, she can often be found riding her bike or petting stray cats. Sally believes travel is the key to world peace.

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