Photo: A real crowd pleaser.

Agus Wayang - Puppet Workshop

The owner Agus is happy to show you around the traditional Sundanese wayang golek puppets and even put on a fascinating impromptu performance, all without any expectation of money.

Photo of Agus Wayang - Puppet Workshop

The puppets are made from lightweight balsa wood and are painted in a variety of styles; gold-bodied statues are painted especially for the European market, which Agus claims would prefer this style over the traditional. In fact, Agus can spin stories for hours in English about any cultural topic you can think of and will entice you to ask questions about Indonesian society and its rapid progression into modernity.

Puppets can be bought at the workshop for 600,000 to 2,000,000 rupiah and a small donation of 5,000 rupiah to Agus for his time, while not expected, is customary. This is a recommended activity.

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Last updated on 29th September, 2012.

Agus Wayang - Puppet Workshop
10km west of Pangandaram on the road to Batu Karas

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