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Kraton (Sultan's Palace)

That's largely because the Kraton is still used as the current home for Yogyakarta's sultan, Hamengkubuwono X, so most areas are off limits.

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The lack of informative signs is also a problem.

However, the large open-air pavillions for cultural performances are quite beautiful, and if you are lucky, you may catch a puppet performance or a dance show on some mornings. The schedule is very fluid. The galleries of beautiful historical batik fabrics, as well as porcelain and art gifted to the Sultan from royal families around the world, are also worth a visit.

There are also numerous portrait galleries depicting members of the royal family trying to not look scared on important days of their lives, such as wedding and circumcision days.

The price of admission includes a palace guide to show you around, however we found our guide difficult to understand. She seemed to want to get us through the complex as quickly as possible and barely stopped for breath.

The shady streets around the Kraton, which are technically part of the walled palace complex and in times past, used to house the Sultan's staff, are worth wandering around to see slices of everyday Yogyakarta life.

Note that while a guide is included in the admission price, however it is customary to also give them a tip.

Last updated on 20th October, 2010.

Kraton (Sultan's Palace)
8am-2pm Sat to Thu, 8am-1pm Fri

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