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Jalan Malioboro and Pasar Beringharjo

There's also a large shopping mall, Plaza Malioboro, and the government tourist information office.

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At the market, you can buy batik fabric by the metre as well as readymade clothes. There's also an array of handbags (many masquerading as designer brands), shoes and more. Upstairs, there are spices for sale and some antiques.

Most of the batik at the market is of the mass manufactured type, but if you plunge deeper into the alleyways of fabric you will find stalls with handpainted cloth.

Be ready to haggle, both on the street and in the market. While the prices initially quoted will be far below those in Bali or Jakarta, there is always room to slice a little off, especially if buying in bulk.

The market opens early in the morning until the late afternoon, and the shops and stalls along Malioboro, especially the warung at the northern end, stay open until late at night.

Last updated on 20th October, 2010.

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