Mekaki Beach

Mekaki Beach

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One of the most spectacular surf beaches we have ever seen, Mekaki Beach sits on the south coast of Lombok, more or less dead south of Pelangan. If you’re coming from the east (Lembar) take a left at the roundabout in Pelangan and just keep going. The road is excellent. It’s sealed all the way and after a 15- to 20-minute drive or ride, you’ll be treated to a magnificent hilltop view over the Indian Ocean, before running down the slope to Mekaki Beach.

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Where's a bar when you need one?

Where’s a bar when you need one?

Just before you reach the beach itself you’ll be stopped at a checkpoint where you’ll be asked to sign in a “guestbook” with your name and a few other details. From there it is another hundred metres or so to the beach proper. At this time, the beach is entirely undeveloped and it is utterly gorgeous — we’d go as far as to say perhaps the most beautiful surf beach we’ve ever seen — really. It is entirely undeveloped because, we were told, it is under the control of Tommy Suharto, who has grand plans to develop it along similar lines to his ghastly Dreamland project in Bali. Here’s to hoping those plans stay on paper.

Just sand, water and two kids.

Just sand, water and two kids.

There’s no development here at all (or none we saw anyway) so you’ll need to bring your own water and snacks — the closest warungs are in Pelangan. As there is no accommodation here, you can really only visit on a daytrip. While we didn’t ask, we’re not sure how the guys at the checkpoint would feel about letting you camp here.



The beach is broad, long and ideal for walks — it would take the best part of a day to walk the full length (pack sunscreen and a hat!). We were told the currents can be severe, so this isn’t a spot for novice swimmers. If you’re happy with just some beach wandering with a bit of fossicking, if you’re in the area, this is pretty much a must-see.

Some maps (including ours) mark an east-running road heading inland from here to Blongas and Sepi Bays — it doesn’t exist. Or if it does, the turnoff is extremely well camouflaged.

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