Takat Segele

Takat Segele

Exceptional snorkelling

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Sumbawa has so much good snorkelling it is a bit difficult to get excited about any one particular spot, but then you reach somewhere like Takat Segele, where you jump off the boat and it is just so good you pop straight back up to the surface to exclaim, "Wow!" Takat Segele, 30 minutes by boat from Labuan Aji, is a coral pinnacle that is completely submerged at high tide.
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As the tide drops, a minuscule sandy island appears. The island is surrounded by a spectacular reef that plunges off into the blue on all sides -- perhaps we were just lucky, but the day we visited the visibility was just incredible.

While the reef bears the occasional crater from obvious bomb damage, it is largely in excellent condition. Plenty of live and soft corals, enormous schools of reef fish and plenty of larger fish can be seen here. Turtles are frequently spotted and, hanging out on the edge of the blue, it is easy to imagine something bigger and grander swimming by -- though we didn’t see anything massive.

This was easily the best snorkelling we did in Sumbawa and it is also a premier dive site, but we’d imagine the divers are few and far between. You’d have to be extremely unlucky to find yourself sharing this very special spot with anyone else.

A stop here makes perfect sense on the way to the waterfall coming from the mainland port - Ai Bari. You could also stop on the way back, though the water will be calmer early in the morning. The tide however also plays a part in when is best to go, so check with your boatman. The spot is about 1.5 hours from Ai Bari, 30 minutes from Labuan Aji and midway between the village and the Amanwana.

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