Photo: Pak Ou caves.

Mount Phou Si

The vantage point will give you panoramic views of the town's pretty rooftops and on a clear day, the surrounding mountains.

Photo of Mount Phou Si

Many people gather here to watch the sunset or sunrise and it can get very crowded. While it may be tempting to buy a Beerlao for a sundowner from the vendors selling snacks and drinks near the foot of the hill, this spot is a temple and drinking alcohol is a no-no.

There are two entrances to the stairs, one at the front of the hill along Sisavangvong Road and one at the back, and the 20,000 kip entrance fee will be collected regardless which one you use. A couple of rundown temples are at the base of the hill and no entrance fee is collected if you only visit those.

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Mount Phou Si
Open daily.

Location map for Mount Phou Si

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