Photo: Old shopfront in Phongsali.

The Museum of Tribe

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The main element of the display is a collection of fascinating and beautiful costumes from the different local hilltribe groups.

Photo of The Museum of Tribe

The women's outfits hang on makeshift mannequins with a few labels in English here and there to describe what you're looking at. Also on show is a jumbled display of implements used by Khmu people made from wood and bamboo, mainly items used in collecting and preparing food.

These days there are posters up on the walls of the museum which provide great information on the various styles of houses, dress, music, dance and writing used by the multitude of ethnic groups. These posters even describe the sub-groups of the Akha people which you see throughout more remote areas of Laos. This exhibition is a must if you have any interest in identifying the different ethnic groups you see wandering around the streets.

This place is definitely worth the entrance fee.

The library next door is nothing special, but may be worth quickly poking your head into.

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The Museum of Tribe

Main road, Phongsali

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