Photo: By the river in Muang La.

Wat Pha Singkham

Perched on a low hill and surrounded by paddy is Wat Pha Singkham, an important site of pilgrimage for the province.

Photo of Wat Pha Singkham

The temple itself is a modern build but people from all over Udomxai come to revere the sacred 400-year-old Buddha statue, one of the most important in Laos.

It is believed that the Buddha has the power to make wishes come true. Those who ask a wish and have it granted must return the following year and make a contribution to the wat or else great troubles will befall them.

The wat is a short walk up from Muang La Resort, you can’t miss it. Appropriate dress is strictly enforced. Women must have shoulders covered and should wear a long skirt – if women wear shorts or trousers, they will have to rent a tube skirt at the entrance. A 10,000 kip entrance fee goes to maintenance of the temple.

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Last updated on 20th April, 2015.

Wat Pha Singkham
Muang La

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