Photo: We're on a road to nowhere.

Trekking around Ban Khiet Ngong

Elephant trekking is the main event in Ban Khiet Ngong.

Photo of Trekking around Ban Khiet Ngong

You should really only expect to trek here from November through April, as May through October may be too hot for the elephants to go out.

The treks here are quite well organised and well conducted. The basic tour is a ride up to the top of Phao Asa mountain, which takes about two hours and costs $12. More complete experiences with the elephants can cost as much as 880,000 kip – head to the elephant stand and negotiate a deal rather than booking through the lodge itself.

One-day forest treks cost 460,000 kip for one person, 170,000 kip per person for seven or more, and mountain bike treks are also available: 520,000 kip for one person, 280,000 kip per person from groups of four or more.

For full information on what different trekking options are available, ask at the reception of the eco-lodge.

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