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Tad Pasuam

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Tad Pasuam (also known as Uttayan Bajiang) is a waterfall that can be visited as a day trip from Pakse or a stop on the popular multiday motorbike loop through the Bolaven Plateau.

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Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe this waterfall, “cultural ethnic park” and “resort”. It includes a past-the-expiration-date accommodation and fake ethnic village, where people wear traditional clothes for photos. Both can be avoided if that’s not to your taste. The main attraction is the horseshoe shaped falls which are pretty but small, standing at only six metres high. “Suam” means “room”, a name derived from its boxiness.

Beside the falls is an enormous wood and thatch restaurant with funky, spooky decoration of stripped down gnarled branches. This is part of the resort and a leaflet dated 2005 from the owner explains how he initially came upon the site, which was remote, neglected and littered, and developed it into a resort, ethnic museum and restaurant.

There’s an overall feeling that this project has gone to seed. Follow the path and signs to the accommodation to find bungalows looking unused and we couldn’t find a single staff who would show it to us, yet we were quoted a ridiculous 250,000 kip for it. It’s worth venturing there to gawk at the owner’s wild jungle hut built on stilts. Nearby, a foot bridge leads over the stream to another small set of falls.

For a few photos, allotting 15 minutes for the visit is sufficient. Only linger if you’re making good time as we think time is better spent at Ban Houy Houn or the many falls around Tad Lo.

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Tad Pasuam

Road 20, km-35 (35 km from Pakse)

Location map for Tad Pasuam

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