Photo: Exploring Ban Saphai.

Tad Champee

It's then a 10 kilometre journey down a flat dirt road.

Photo of Tad Champee

At the motorbike parking area you'll be asked to pay 5,000 kip. The waterfall is mediocre to look at and simply tumbles over a few rocks and then continues to be a river again a few metres below.

However, Tad Champee is a great place for swimming either in the river at the top or in one of the pools under the main waterfall.

The drive out here passes through a couple of villages with bubbly kids all shouting and waving as you zoom by. It's a worthwhile detour.

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Last updated on 21st June, 2013.

Tad Champee
Route 20 (on the way to Tad Lo)

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