Photo: Exploring Ban Saphai.

Tad Yuang Gneuang

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It's a stunning spot, brilliantly green, and although the waterfall is not the highest in the area, it's wide and impressive.

Photo of Tad Yuang Gneuang

It's easy to access from the road -- the path leads first to the pools at the top of the falls, and then there's a path to the right that winds down to the pool at the bottom.

It's a slippery, slightly treacherous climb down the stone steps, which are perpetually slick from the constant spray, but once down you can scramble across the rocks into the water for a cool dip.

In recent years development of the site has increased and foreign volunteers are also working to make this place even more developed and tourist friendly.

While the intentions are admirable, the shops and cafes at the top of the falls as well as the busloads of tour groups zipping in and out make the place a little like a theme park and certainly the most un-Lao-like waterfall in the country.

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Tad Yuang Gneuang

2km from Tad Fane

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