Photo: Shopfronts in Tha Khaek.

Wat Pha That Si Khotabong

The distinctive thaat is regarded as one of the most important in Laos, but you wouldn't think so looking at the state of things.

Photo of Wat Pha That Si Khotabong

When we last visited, the entire site looked like a rubbish dump with thousands of plastic bags and other bits of rubbish floating across the fields and within the grounds of the temple.

Perhaps due to the recent festival, we anticipate that the rubbish will have been cleaned up by now, or it will have been eaten by the local cattle which roam through the area. This place is worth a look if you have a motorbike, but not if you have to walk or ride a bicycle.

How to get there
The wat is around eight kilometres to the south of town and can be reached by tuk tuk or bicycle.

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Last updated on 11th April, 2013.

Wat Pha That Si Khotabong
8 km south of town

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