Photo: Lush in wet season.

Namsanam Waterfall

The waterfall is best viewed in the wet season when the waters are really rampaging.

Photo of Namsanam Waterfall

In the dry season the water flow slows to little more than a trickle, but it's pretty nonetheless.

Part of the reason for coming here is to trek through the lush jungle with its gigantic trees competing for pride of place in the canopy and curious wildlife – the forest is alive with iridescent butterflies. It has been reported that other animals such as elephants reside here, but you'd have to be pretty lucky to see anything like that so close to town.

If none of this piques your interest, a cooling swim at the base of the falls or in the connecting river might appeal although it's not such an attractive proposition when temperatures are cooler and river levels low, resulting in stagnant pools.

To get to the waterfall, first visit the Khoun Kham Visitors Centre, where a 10,000 kip fee is payable. Aside for this being the right thing to do, it also gives you the opportunity to safely leave any excess gear you might be carrying. The forest entrance is 200 metres east down a dirt road next to the wat. From here, it is 1.7 kilometres to the motorcycle parking area and a further 1.5 kilometres of jungle bashing to the falls themselves. If you're using a motorbike, allow 1.5 hours for the return journey and 2.25 hours without. This trek is difficult to include on a three-day loop because of time constraints but is worth a go if you're on a looser schedule.

Be warned that an Australian tourist was almost killed on this trek after becoming lost during a tropical downpour in 2008. Paths were washed away and access back to town cut. He was rescued 11 days later by helicopter.

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Last updated on 3rd May, 2013.

Namsanam Waterfall
Next to the wat on the main road, Na Hin

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