Things to do around Tad Lo

Things to do around Tad Lo

Waterfalls and chilling out.

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Tad Lo is a quaint spot nestled on the banks of the Xe Set river with several waterfalls just a hop and a skip away. With good budget accommodation, a few diversions and plenty of hammocks, spending time here can be satisfying.

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Picnicking by Tad Hang. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
Picnicking by Tad Hang. Photo: Cindy Fan

Tad Hang is the first set of falls you see when you arrive. It is the smallest and gentlest of the three, providing the best opportunity for taking a dip, but be warned—and this applies to all the falls—a dam is released every day around 16:00 causing the water to sharply rise and everyone needs to be well clear of the water before then.

Signs warn about the dangers of getting too near, but there are safe areas for swimming at the top of Tad Hang and locals fish and picnic here as well. The water is admittedly a bit murky, not unhealthily so as far as we could tell. A good way to get to the swimming spot is to walk across the bridge and follow the dirt road around the other side of the hill where it pops out at some bungalows. From here it's easy to get into the swimming hole.

There are two ways to reach Tad Lo. If you continue to follow the road up the right side, there is usually a path to the base of the falls, giving visitors an exhilaratingly close view of the water gushing over a massive granite wall. Swim at your own risk.

The approach to Tad Lo. Photo by: Cindy Fan.
The approach to Tad Lo. Photo: Cindy Fan

The easier way is to follow the paved road up from Palamei Guesthouse for 775 metres, past the entrance of Tad Lo Lodge. Turn right onto the dirt road leading to the river at the top of the falls. Follow the path along the riverbanks downstream to get a good view. There may be a rickety bamboo ladder to the base of the falls. Needless to say, exercise extreme caution if ... Travelfish members only (Full text is around 700 words.)

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