Photo: Pretty light by the river, Sekong.

Keng Luang rapids

The trip out is as scenic as the rapids themselves.

Photo of Keng Luang rapids

In the dry season, there really isn't enough water flowing along the river to make the rapids look particularly special, but in the wet season the river rises substantially.

The turnoff to the rapids is eight kilometres north of Sekong on route 16. From the turnoff it's another five-and-a-half kilometres down a dirt track. The track starts next to a wat about 200 metres from the main road.

To reach the rapids by public transport, you'll need to ask around to find a songthaew heading down the dirt track otherwise a charter for about 130,000 kip is in order.

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Last updated on 22nd June, 2013.

Keng Luang rapids
Around 13km north of Sekong

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