Swimming pools in Vientiane

Swimming pools in Vientiane

Escape the heat

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Temperatures in Vientiane can soar and the heat is exacerbated by the amount of new concrete and number of vehicles that have appeared in recent years. It can be especially brutal in the hot-dry months of March to June, and the only civilised thing to do in the middle of the day is to hide in one of the city’s many air-conditioned cafes or take a cooling plunge in pool.

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Hanging Out at Kuang Si Waterfall in Luang Prabang

Not a Vientiane swimming pool. But this is the feeling you’re shooting for.

Many upscale hotels offer day passes to non-guests. Sometimes it includes use of the gym and sauna as well. Here’s a run down of Vientiane’s hotels and public pools.

The pool at Don Chan offers respite from the heat and the sun

Respite from the heat and the sun at Don Chan.

Don Chan Palace Hotel
Ban Phiawat, entrance off of Fa Ngum Rd
T: (021) 244 288
Open daily 11:00-22:00
Adult 50,000 kip, Child 30,000 kip

Small, but stylish pool at Hotel Mercure

Small but stylish at Hotel Mercure.

Hotel Mercure
Unit 10 Samsenthai Rd, near Fa Ngum Monument
T: (021) 213 570
Open daily 07:00-22:00
Costs 100,000 kip per person

The poolside at Lao Plaza Hotel

When those trees shoot up, there’ll be shade at Lao Plaza Hotel’s pool.

Lao Plaza Hotel
63 Samsenthai Rd, diagonally across from Lao National Cultural Hall
T: (021) 218 800
Open daily 07:00-20:00
Costs 120,000 kip per person

Settha Palace's Secluded Oasis

Settha Palace’s secluded oasis.

Settha Palace Hotel
6 Pangkham Rd, 2 blocks north of Lao Plaza Hotel
T: (021) 217 581
Open daily 07:00-19:00
Costs 160,000 kip

Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel
Don Chan Palace Rd, Ban That Khao
T: (021) 266 888
Adult 65,000 kip Child (under 12) 30,000 kip


Join the crowds at Vientiane pool.

Vientiane Swimming Pool
Le Ky Huong St, same street as Lao National Radio
T: (020) 5858 5808
Open 06:00-21:00
Adult 15,000 kip (Children under 10) 10,000 kip

Sengdara Fitness Centre
Dongpalane Rd, 3 km from downtown
T: (021) 452 159
Open Mon-Sat 06:00-22:00 Sun 08:00-22:00
Costs 80,000 kip

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