Photo: Pretty light at Cherating.

Turtle sanctuary

The turtle sanctuary is on the next bay north from Cherating on the same beautiful beach that hosts Club Med.

Photo of Turtle sanctuary

It is easily reached by hired bicycle or you can do a tour. If you really wanted, you could walk here, but it would be a solid hour-plus walk each way.

We'd suggest making a half-day trip of it -- spend an hour at the sanctuary then hang out on the beach -- just remember to bring your own food and water as there are no shops here. The centre is on your left just before you reach the entrance gate to Club Meb and contains a small museum explaining all things turtleish.

Out back are a few ponds holding either baby hatchlings or larger, injured turtles who have been rescued. The centre holds turtle release activities in season.

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Last updated on 18th January, 2016.

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