Picnics in Langkawi

Picnics in Langkawi

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Picnicking in Malaysia is a common sight due to the popularity of take-away meals and plenty of places to set up and munch. Here are some popular options — so grab your meal bungkus and snare a spot.

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Seaside eats at their best.

Seaside eats at their best.

Seaside picnics
What started out as a locale to watch planes take off and land, the strip of waterfront at Langkawi lagoon, just west of Langkawi International Airport, has become a local hotspot for alfresco dining. Small gazebos and patterned brick ‘patios’ along with mobile hawker vendors sell everything from fresh coconut water to what is regarded by many as the best barbecue chicken on the island. By mid-afternoon, the bulk of vendors are in their spots along the road, attracting the locals and passing tourists who can’t resist the scent of sizzling hot-off-the-grill meat.

Rustic Pantai Kok is just beyond Telaga Harbour and a favourite shaded spot. Locals gather to catch the cooling onshore breeze and have a quick midday meal or more often, an evening picnic. On weekends and holiday evenings, a couple of hawker vans serve up a selection of noodle and rice dishes.

If you

If you want to be alone, get to Pantai Kok early.

On the north side of the island, Pantai Pasir Tengkorak and Pantai Teluk Yu have seaside gazebos and toilets overlooking the Andaman Sea and distant Thailand. A few weekend vendors in the parking lot at Pantai Pasir Tengkorak offer eats along with a small cafe. Food options at Pantai Teluk Yu are somewhat limited but the view easily makes up for it.

Table for two (or more) at Skull Sand Beach.

Table for two (or more) at Skull Sand Beach.

And for those that don’t mind a bit of sand in their sandwich, Pantai Tanjung Rhu has minimal traffic during the day. Be sure and come prepared as there are few steady hawkers here.

Jungle picnics
If sandy beaches don’t do it for you, Durian Perangin Waterfall awaits. With a small village of food and souvenir vendors at the entrance, grab and go options are plentiful. Within the surrounding jungle grounds are numerous gazebos, but the best picnic spots are at the top of the falls, where the largest cascade has a perfect swimming hole with plenty of smooth rock slopes to park your mat on.

Durian Falls is postcard perfect picnic spot.

Durian Falls is postcard-perfect picnic spot.

Travel up the long and winding road to the top of Gunung Mat Raya and picnic in some of the most stunning vistas on the island. The best spot is a wide expanse of grass behind the TM transmission building, set on top of the highest mountain in Langkawi.

Grassy knolls with a serious view at Gunung Raya.

Grassy knolls with a serious view at Gunung Raya.

Just up the road from Telaga Harbor and past Oriental Village, the picturesque Telaga Tujuh Waterfall (Seven Wells Waterfall) offers a bounty of picnic spots, both at the lower and upper falls. The upper falls have naturally formed pools for swimming and soaking plus several shady pavilions, along withtoilets. Do note that getting to the upper falls takes a long flight of stairs and may not be the best choice for those with small children in tow.

Feeling crabby? Then it's time for a picnic!

Feeling crabby? Then it’s time for a picnic!

City picnics
Although Kuah Town is relatively small, the traffic in the commercial district may inspire a picnic timeout, especially if travelling with kids. Grab some takeaway and head to Legenda Park, which has plenty of picnic tables and benches. The park has an assortment of mythical Langkawi legends portrayed in colourful statue form. Along the scenic waterfront, a few touches of Alice in Wonderland add fun factor for the kids. You can also choose a shady spot along the adjacent beach that runs from Eagle Square to the jetty at Pekan Rebu.

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