Pantai Kok

Pantai Kok

A little known beach area

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On the west side of Langkawi stretching between Telaga Harbour and the Mutiara Burau Bay Resort is Panti Kok (Kok Beach).

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This area was originally home to a small fishing village with small seafood restaurants and simple accommodation for the adventurous traveller. However 20 years on and Telaga Harbour with its multitude of restaurants and shops has replaced the once sleepy village. It’s now a modern yacht harbour with a customs and immigration station and a boardwalk at Perdana Quay, anchored by the five-star Danna Hotel.

Langkawi mega yacht port-o-call.

Just to the north of the Danna Hotel is the beginning of the public beach of Pantai Kok. The beach is a short stretch of shade-y coconut palms and trees. The surrounding limestone hills and the two outlying islands add to the serenity of the park-like setting. The water is shallow here and at low tide it’s only deep enough for wading. It’s quite popular with locals, as well as cruising sailors who take advantage of the free anchorage available in deeper waters.

Lots of shade available and car parking.

The only inexpensive accommodation in the area is Geopark Hotel and Dormitory located inside Oriental Village. The hotel has comfortable rooms overlooking the village starting at 150 ringgit a night with air-con and TV. The dormitory offers some of the most inexpensive beds on the island; with 32 beds in the men’s dormitory and 32 in the women’s it doesn’t boast much privacy but at 15 ringgit per night it’s a bargain.

Not too shabby, eh?

The only other hotels in the vicinity are The Berjaya Resort, starting at a whopping 485 ringgit a night and the Mutiara Burau Bay, starting at 220 ringgit. These hotels are on the beach just around the headland from Pantai Kok and offer all the amenities you would expect. But — if you’re a guest at Geopark they do have a shuttle service to the Mutiara Burau Bay Resort every two hours and Geopark guests can use all their facilities free of charge.

Just a wee hike to the waterfall.

There’s a cosy, inexpensive restaurant on the north end of Pantai Kok worth noting. Barau Corner offers breakfast for less then 10 ringgit and fresh-squeezed fruit juices at five ringgit. The menu offers some Western dishes and a good assortment of Malay food, all from 10 to 20 ringgit per dish. There’s a lot to choose from in the medium to high range, within Oriental Village or Perdana Quay (aka Telaga Harbour); Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Malay fusion cuisine can all be found either in the village or on the boardwalk overlooking the busy harbour.

And happy hours? Perdana Quay is the place, with Mare Blu leading the pack beginning at 15:00 followed by Tapaz, Hamachi and Privilege, to name a few.

Off the beaten path eatery gem.

The upside of the Pantai Kok area is that you have a lot to do in just a small area. Seven Wells Waterfall is great for swimming and hiking, and there’s Island Horses for scenic beach and jungle rides, the ever-popular cable car and Oriental Village itself, which has an extensive variety of shops and activities. The Berjaya Resort offers affordable guided night walks through its grounds for an interesting meet-n-greet with local nocturnal critters. And of course… there’s always the beach.

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