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Sarawak Museum (Ethnology Museum)

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Often touted as the best museum in Southeast Asia, the Sarawak Musuem houses loads of taxidermy, ranging from small insects to large mammals on its first floor and a true-to-life recreation of a portion of an Iban longhouse upstairs.

Photo of Sarawak Museum (Ethnology Museum)

The museum is rammed full with mahogany glassfronted cases filled with fauna indigenous to Borneo and the place doesn't look like it's been changed since it was first opened in 1891. You can very easily imagine Charles Brooke wondering around, pipe in mouth, admiring the fruits of his kingdom laid out in front of him like some giant colonial smorgasbord.

This was definitely our favorite museum in Kuching and we enjoyed some of the more bizarre artifacts such as the large human hair ball pulled from the belly of a crocodile -- see if you spot where the human teeth used to be.

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