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Khlong Prem Prison

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Nonthaburi is home to both the maximum security men's and women's prisons for Bangkok.

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Quite a few foreign prisoners are inmates of the Nonthaburi Prison, many of whom are serving life sentences for narcotics offences and many of whom would appreciate a visit and a fresh conversation to take them away from the atrocious conditions for a couple of hours.

The maximum security prison is located on the first street on the left after exiting the pier, and is easily recognizable by its high concrete walls and barbed wire. The prison is home to inmates serving sentences ranging from thirty years to one hundred years (which is to be replaced soon by a maximum sentence of forty years). Others spend their time here waiting on death row.

For those wanting to brighten an inmates otherwise fairly dull day, the embassies are a good place to start to get a list of those who would like to be visited, as the guards won't let you in without names and proper visiting documents. Visiting times are from 09:30 to 11:30 and 13:00 to 14:00 daily. Gifts are allowed to be given to the prisoners and are greatly appreciated.

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Khlong Prem Prison

Walking distance from the pier

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