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JEATH War Museum

The JEATH (Japan, England, Australia, America, Thailand and Holland) museum contains a moving photo and art collection displaying the atrocious conditions under which the prisoners of war existed during the building of the Death Railway.

Photo of JEATH War Museum

Brief but striking captions accompany each image and help to give a sense for what life was like for the prisoners. Expect to see dramatic depictions of skin-and-bones prisoners toiling with pick axes and lying on bamboo platforms, too weak to move.

The images are in fact laid out on a platform similar to those that the actual prisoners would have slept on. One of the paintings shows a prisoner asking to receive the food portion of the pale man lying next to him. The caption reads: "Let me have his, he's dead!"

Often disturbing images of prisoners are contrasted by actual photos of well-fed Japanese soldiers that were taken in Kanchanaburi town during the war. There's little else to see aside from the art and photos, but don't be surprised if they cause you to shed a tear or two.

How to get there
The museum is located on the river just south of the town centre, within walking distance of most riverside guesthouses.

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JEATH War Museum
Chaichumphon Rd, Kanchanaburi
Daily 08:30-18:00

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