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Chung-Kai War Cemetery

Around five kilometres to the south of town on the far bank of the River Kwai at the point where it divides in separate directions, this cemetery occupies the former site of Chung-Kai prisoner of war camp.

Photo of Chung-Kai War Cemetery

Some 1,750 POWs are buried here, most of whom died in the hospital. The cemetery is at the original site of the base camp hospital and a church that was built by the POWs. The atmosphere here is quiet and, particularly because it was an actual camp site, it's perhaps a better place to reflect than the larger war cemetery in town.

Some of the markers have just the name and (often very young) age of the fallen while others contain personal messages, such as, "Resting far away but deep in our hearts at home. His loving wife, Mum and Dad."

It's a particularly moving place and well worth the effort to reach to quietly wander the rows and read the farewells.

How to get there
The cemetery is south of town and reachable via a ferry crossing. From the main war cemetery, follow signs south along Sangchuto Road.

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Chung-Kai War Cemetery
Around 5km south of Kanchanaburi
Daily 08:00 to 17:00

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