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Wat Thum Khao Poon

This wat is built near eight caves that you can wander through when the monks are not using them as meditation rooms.

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They feature both stalactites and stalagmites but many have been broken so tourists won't hurt themselves.

Various formations in the caves have been said to resemble either a crocodile, an elephant or a tooth. One section of the cave is only reached through a tunnel that you need to crawl through, so dress accordingly. Perhaps the most impressive time to visit the caves is at dusk, when thousands of bats emerge.

Upon exiting the cave take the path leading left after the Chinese temple to a large outdoor sitting Buddha that cheerfully observes the pleasant view of the river and mountains. If you take the small path past the souvenir sellers you will come out at the Death Railway train track, near a section where the POWs had to crack through a rock hill.

How to get there
The temple is located off Route 3228 about four kilometres south of Kanchanaburi. To get here by motorbike, cross the river at the main bridge in Kanchanaburi centre (not the small one off Maenam Kwai Rd) and continue south for a few kilometres. The temple will be on the left just off the main road, and its location is marked on Google Maps if you have a GPS-enabled smart phone. Otherwise, ask a songthaew or motorbike to make the roundtrip, which should cost around 300 baht.

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Wat Thum Khao Poon
About 6 km southwest of town

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